Viva la Vida - Viva la Fiesta

Who can stay unmoved in the rhythms of salsa? Who? Who, amigo, who? It's time to learn everything and feel like a Mexican.




Do you like to salsa?

At Amigos we are not only passionate about the flavors, we are also about salsa dancing! That is why every Wednesday in Nea Smyrni and Thursday in Glyfada we rock to the rhythm of authentic latin salsa! Our Latin American dancers introduce you to its steps, showing your movements and enticing you to the magic of this unique dance.


Salsa is back Amigos starting on 4/5 (and every Wednesday) at Amigos Nea Smyrni and 5/5 (and every Thursday) at Amigos Glyfada.



X¡Arriba, arriba! ¡Ándale, ándale! It’s time to order food!

Do you want to enjoy authentic Mexican food at home or in the office? Order now for takeaway from Glyfada and Nea Smyrni stores!